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"You can start from scratch all the way to competitions. You'll improve your fitness a lot, you'll meet good friends and the coach is awesome." 

Ludwig Pacifici - Kickboxing Student


Masters Academy in Loughton has been a great base for all of my martial arts training since 2011. I started off working with James doing Kickboxing and No-Gi and instantly loved the way he coached, his passion and knowledge of martial arts and how friendly all the other members are.


I am yet to attend a session that I have not enjoyed, and I always come out having learnt something about the practiced style or about myself and my own abilities. The assistant coaches on all the programs are also fantastic and really push you to develop your abilities. Rob always has great technical sessions in BJJ and Martyn’s conditioning sessions are second to none. This, for me, is definitely the best place to practice martial arts and work on your fitness.


Having been doing it my whole life, I have never found a place that draws me back in as much as Masters Academy Loughton does, and all their staff.  


Joe Warwick - Strength and Conditioning Coach


I've been training with James for nearly 15 years and I can tell you that he is the consummate Martial artist. His knowledge and skill in all aspects of the arts from Kickboxing to Wrestling, Weapons to Jiu Jitsu are wide and far reaching and his ability to impart these to his students is equally as well developed. When you are egaged in James' lessons you are getting very detailed technical content at the same time as finding yourself laughing in equal measure. This is a rare quality that James has used to produce some first class Martial artists and champions. It's no accident that James is so highly regarded amongst some of the best known and accomplished Martial artists in the World.

Keith Pranklin - Masters Academy Kickboxing Black Belt, BJJ Blue Belt & Paramedic

I've trained at Masters for over a decade in both Kickboxing and Grappling, and it's easy to see what's kept me here for so long. It's simply an incredible place to train alongside a knowledgeable, experienced coaching team and other like-minded teammates.


Training is highly technical and can be as competitive as you make it, whilst also being tailored to everyone's varying needs and abilities, by both the coaches and training partners.

Possibly the best aspect of training here is the strong sense of unity and bond within the Academy. Everyone is very well looked after and the overall atmosphere is always friendly. 


Discovering what you're really capable of every week is a huge motivation to keep pushing yourself through your limits, and this academy provides the perfect environment for this. I would absolutely recommend. 

Nandu Pillai - Masters Academy Black Belt & Physiotherapist

If you're looking for somewhere to train Martial Arts, Masters Academy is the place. The instructors have a wealth of knowledge and experience and are great at motivating, encouraging and explaining different techniques and disciplines. The atmosphere is relaxed, friendly and welcoming and caters for all ages and abilities. There are no egos and no pressure, you can train at your own pace, but if you want to be pushed, they'll push you! Come and see for yourself, you won't be disappointed!


Masters is a brilliant academy to learn martial arts, whether your a beginner or intermediate to advanced, there’s a great mix of students to train with. The teachers have an amazing knowledge of martial arts, with a proven background. One of the places to train in London and the Home Counties. 


Jon Defendi - Kickboxing, MMA & BJJ Student

On visiting Masters Academy for the first time I was greeted by friendly staff and members. 

The martial arts taught here by James and his team are second to none.  The team's knowledge & skill is a credit to the Academy. 

The members have been so helpful to me even whilst training and if you are planning on training here you will experience exactly the same; so you can't go wrong.  

James gets some of the best  Instructors from all around to come and teach seminars and I was extremely honored to be asked by him to teach a Jiujitsu seminar to his students here.

Steve Payne - BJJ Black Belt,  5th Dan Karate Black belt,  Bob Breen 4D Combat Black belt,  co-owner of the 'Bob Breen Legacy Academy'

I have been training at Masters Academy Loughton for over 10 years now. 

In my years of trying many different forms of Martial Arts I have to say, Masters Academy is one of the best clubs I have trained with. 

I have found that all the coaches at the club are very skilled, dedicated, extremely approachable and cater for all ages and abilities. 

I would highly recommend Masters Academy to anybody wanting to learn a disciplined sport, build confidence or to just improve on their fitnesses. 


Danny Heath - Masters Academy Black belt

"Great Academy - Knowledgeable and experienced teachers with a positive atmosphere. Highly recommended if you want improve your fitness levels and learn Martial Arts from the best."


Amandeep Singh Sandhu

"If you want to learn Martial Arts, Self Defence or simply just get fit, this is the place to be. The best techers around, each with different but equally brilliant skills to teach. From Boxing, Muay Thai to MMA there is something for everyone. All ages welcome and classes available to suit all. The amount I have learnt since joining the Academy is amazing and continues each session."


Richard Wilson

" My Three boys love Masters Academy, lessons are fun and challenging. Kickboxing has taught them valuable skills and techniques, dedication, commitment and self discipline. The staff are equally dedicated and passionate about their students self development."

Louise Georgiou

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