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Private training consists of either one-to-one or small group training sessions (maximum of 6) booked at your convenience with our experienced and qualified Black Belt Instructors.

Private training is very flexible and has loads of benefits.


Personal Attention

Private lessons allow the coach to focus entirely on what you want. The lessons will be focused on any subject or goal you want. We have people who use private training to lose weight, tone up, get ready for a grading or prepare for competition. The session will be dedicated on achieving your goals. 

Monitored & Modified

Everything is closely monitored by your Black Belt coach. Because private lessons are personal, the coach can work around any issues or injuries you may have whilst still making sure you have a great workout. If something doesn't agree with you, we can offer alternatives. It's totally flexible.

Constantly Varied Training

One to one sessions will be constantly varied to keep the training fun and exciting. We pride ourselves on teaching great classes and the same applies with private lessons. We guarantee you won't get bored. We will keep you on your toes by adding new drills and skills and improving your fitness.

We Measure Your Progress

BUT NOT WITH SCALES! We like to measure your progress depending on how you feel, how your fitness is improving and where you are at with your training. With improved fitness, you will naturally lose weight and or build muscle. We will also provide free nutrition plans and home training routines to help you make the changes you want as quickly as possible. 

​60 Minutes Training Pre-Planned

Unless you have a specific drill or body part you wish to work on, then you can trust us to have a pre-planned and personalised session just for you! For example, if you want to improve your fitness, our sessions will mix cardio, body weight training and Martial Arts to help you get fit fast. The time will fly and you will have a lot of fun.

Flexible Schedule

Private lessons can be booked at your convenience. We have spaces during the day, evenings and at weekends. All you need to do is drop us a line and we can get you started. 

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