Masters Academy of Martial Arts

Unit C2, Seedbed Centre

Langston Road, Loughton,

IG10 3TQ

Tel: (0)753 499 5890

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Adult Classes

Masters Academy specialises in Kickboxing, MMA & BJJ classes for  beginners of all fitness levels.

We run our adult martial arts classes with three aims in mind. Everyone should leave sweating, smiling and more skilled.


Sweating means you will have a good workout and burn off A LOT of calories whilst toning and strengthening your muscles. We are so confident that our training works we offer a 60 day money back guarantee. If you don’t notice your fitness has improved after training with us twice a week for two months we will refund ALL your training fees. No questions.


We also want you to leave smiling. No one likes boring exercise routines (like running on a treadmill). We make our sessions fun and entertaining. We do this by keeping the atmosphere very informal, (everyone knows each others names) and you call the instructors by their names (not Sensei or Sifu) and we keep everything light hearted and relaxed.


We like telling jokes and messing about as well. Martial arts training should be fun or else why would you want to keep doing it. James (the chief instructor) has been training for over 30 years and this is only possible if you love what you do and have fun.

Not only will you sweat and smile but we would also like you to learn something useful as well. We pride ourselves on training highly skilled martial artists who can use their skills in the academy or if necessary out on the street.


Attention to detail is constantly encouraged by the coaches and you should feel that after every session you got a little (or a lot) better and a little (or a lot) closer to your kickboxing black belt.


So if you fancy sweating, smiling and getting seriously skilled we invite you for a FREE TRIAL of our wonderful full time Loughton academy and meet our team of professional black belt instructors. You can try out our wide range of classes, chat with our great students and get a feel for how martial arts training will change your life.


After your free trial if you enjoy our challenging yet informal classes you are welcome to join our Academy. We recommend that you start with two sessions a week as consistent training is the most effective way to build fitness and learn new skills.


When you join you will not only get to train in any of our classes but will get access to our members only online training section which has video instruction, audio training tracks to download, fitness guides, nutrition advice and more.


After you have been training a few months and feel fitter, stronger and healthier we will invite you to take your first belt grading. The gradings for coloured belts serve as a goal to strive for, allow you to check your progress as you train with us over the years and structure the training so it is safe yet intense. Hopefully you will accept our invitation to test for your first belt (the yellow belt) and start on the journey to black belt and beyond.


We continually strive for improvement at Masters Martial Arts and we look forward to helping you along the never ending path to Mastery.


Please download our PDF Timetable to find adult classes.