Masters Academy of Martial Arts

Unit C2, Seedbed Centre

Langston Road, Loughton,

IG10 3TQ

Tel: (0)753 499 5890

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Why Train at the Masters Academy of Martial Arts?

Our goal is to help you experience all the positive results of training in martial arts. Regular training will help you become fitter, more lean, toned and healthy. You will feel more confident and assertive and will be more able to cope with the stresses of modern day living. You will also meet friendly, relaxed people who enjoy helping each other and having fun. There are no egos, bad attitudes or posers at Masters Martial Arts. Everyone is there to support one another and help each other improve.


We think Masters Martial Arts is the best martial arts academy in Essex because:


We offer over 30 classes per week, in the morning, evening and at weekends so you have lots of opportunities to train.


We also offer a range of classes from children's kickboxing to mixed martial arts (MMA). There is something for everyone.


All our classes are taught by black belt instructors who have undergone an intensive 8-12 month instructors training programme.


The Chief Instructor has sports science degree, therefore really understands what it takes to get fit and how the body responds to martial arts training.


Our full time academy is fully matted for your safety and includes punchbags, pads, kick shields, skipping ropes, kettlebells, hand weights and other training equipment to help you lose weight, tone up and develop as a martial artist.


We keep our classes small so you or your child will get lots of interaction with the instructor.


Our members section of this website has a free online university which includes grading syllabi, training videos that are updated weekly and lots of other valuable free content.


We have a proven track record with getting people to their black belts. Over the past 10 years we have graduated over 50 black belts which is way above average for a martial arts school.


Student Testimonials


"Great Academy - Knowledgeable and experienced teachers with a positive atmosphere. Highly recommended if you want improve your fitness levels and learn Martial Arts from the best." Amandeep Singh Sandhu


"If you want to learn Martial Arts, Self Defence or simply just get fit, this is the place to be. The best techers around, each with different but equally brilliant skills to teach. From Boxing, Muay Thai to MMA there is something for everyone. All ages welcome and classes available to suit all. The amount I have learnt since joining the Academy is amazing and continues each session." Richard Wilson

" My Three boys love Masters Academy, lessons are fun and challenging. Kickboxing has taught them valuable skills and techniques, dedication, commitment and self discipline. The staff are equally dedicated and passionate about their students self development."

Louise Georgiou 


Fitness for life
We believe that fitness and health are the cornerstones to a happy, productive life. For this reason all our training is geared to developing fitness and maintaining health through progressive resistance. Fitness is composed of aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility/ range of motion all of which are developed in martial arts training.
Our grading syllabus is designed to progressively build fitness and skills based around sport science principles. The chief instructors are also constantly updating their training in the latest developments in the fitness/ nutrition industry and share this information with assistant instructors and students
Fun & Friendly
We all like to train and hang out with friends so the atmosphere at Masters Academy is kept fun, friendly and relaxed. This means we do not tolerate people with bad attitudes, bullies or massive egos. We like to cultivate a tribe mentality. We are the Masters Academy Tribe.
We look after each other, respect each other and push each other to improve. We also try to make training fun. Every session is different so you will never do the same class twice so boredom won’t be a factor, we also incorporate lots of fun games and drills to keep the energy high and give everyone a laugh. If you are not having fun why do it?

Learn everyday

Learning in martial arts is a never-ending journey. There is always more to learn and improve, so keep and open mind and be humble. Humility shows you care more a bout your students than you do about yourself, which helps them trust and bond with you.


Everyone can teach you something. Keep a permanently open mind and absorb from everyone regardless of rank, age or experience. If you stop growing, you die.